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See what a recent report in the New York Times had to say about the agony of the Rohingyas.

As reported by the Guardian, Myanmar accused of planting landmines in the path of fleeing Rohingya

As shown by France24: Rohingya villages are purged ('scorched') by the Myanmar army according to Amnesty Int'l.
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As shown in the Irish Times: Members of Burma's Muslim Rohingya minority fill camps to form archipelago of misery.
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As shown in the Independent: a young Rohingya boy pleads for water
after being adrift on a vessel for three months.

As shown in BBC: According to an UN official, Myanmar is set on ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas.
Click on the picture to watch the two videos supplied by BBC.

As shown in the Huffington Post: The anguish of Rohingya women adrift on a boat in Thai waters.